Monday, October 6, 2008

Chapter 3

“Helen, could you please bring some new drinks into the conference room?”

He pleaded me.

I just nodded and fetched the trolley-table from the staff room.

I went over to Cat, to tell her, that I would be back soon and afterwards I put the glasses and bottles onto the trolley.

I hustled the trolley towards the conference hall and from there I could hear some voices.

As I took a look at my watch, I knew why.

The concert was over since about 1 hour, which meant that the 4 guys from New Jersey were in that room NOW.

Thankfully the door to the conference room was open, so I could push the trolley into without a problem.

That was my thought anyway, but as I was through the door I was astonished by the crowd.

For a moment I was inattendive, so that someone moved backwards and directly into my trolley.

Just when I wanted to say sorry HE was turning around and as our gazes met I I should have been fallen dead to the floor.

I took a deep breath and arranged my apology but he started to blat.

He didn’t find any end.

His steelblue eyes twinkled at me wildly all the time.

I prayed that it would take a fast end, when another man saved me from that situation.

He stood besides HIM and said:

“Stop that. Is she capable for what you’ve done? Anyone should keep attention, where anyone is walking!“

I gave him a thankful smile and just wanted to kneel down to pick up the broken bottle.

So I got down on my knees and the man opposite me did the same.

What had to happen happened…

We collided with our heads and after that we looked each other in the eyes.

We both held us the head and grinned.

I never thought that I would be able to laugh after such a situation.

Actually I must have dropped dead.

I drove JON BON JOVI with my trolley into his heels and RICHIE SAMBORA released me from that situation.

But as it seems I didn’t realize all of that at the moment.

After Richie and I had calmed down a litte, he wanted to help me picking up the cullet.

I wanted to say him that he should be careful but it was too late.

He catch into a big fragment and now he was holding his hand.

He looked at me imploringly.

I had to smile a little and Jon gave another comment like:

“It’s your own fault Richie. You helped the lady that drove me into the heels, that has to be punished!”

I gave Jon an angry look and seized Richie’s hand.

My positive picture of JON BON JOVI dissolved into air.

Richie and I got up and I still has surrounded his wrist with my hand.

“Come with me and I’ll tape your hand”

I said to him while I was still looking into his eyes.

>Wow, this man really has nice brown eyes<

We left the conference room and walked to the staff room where the first aid box stood.

As we arrived there Richie catched sight of my taped hand.

“May I ask you what had happened?”

I looked at him and smiled

“Sure, but first I tell you, that my name is Helen”

I grinned and I put my hand into his direction.

He seized it and smiled:


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chapter 2

At that moment our boss came around the corner.

“Ladies, is it possible to do it a little bit faster?”

He asked.

I looked at him angrily and showed him my taped hand.

“Yes, in a few minutes, when this is made!”

“How did you do that, Helen?”

“I have cut me with one of your glasses, could happen, right?”

Man, I was angry…

“Okay, hurry up and get everything right. Everything must be finished until the After-Show-Party starts. Maybe we need some staff over there!”

With that words my boss disappeared and when I was sure that he didn’t see me anymore, I stucked out my tongue.

A little later I could work again and polished the last glasses, before I went back to the bar.

As if God wanted it, they played “Dry County” on the radio.

It’s such a damn…

>No, don’t get upset Helen<

I thought and at that moment a guest came to the bar, to pay his bill.

After a short look on it, I smiled and said:

“8,20$ please”


“Thank you!”

I gave him the change and he was away, so I could concentrate on “Dry County” again.

One of my favourite songs.

I would have died, if I could have heard it in Coblenz.

The thoughts about the concert were back and I tried to pull myself together.

More guests came in to pay and I looked at the watch again and again.

When would the concert be over and when would the guys arrive here in the bar.
I tried to do the math on that one.

I was interrupted when another customer was standing at the bar.

It was a women, which I estimate around the end 30’s.

She had dark red hair and was nice from the first moment on.

I went over to here with a true smile and greeted her friendly.

She ordered a water and I allowed myself a Coke.

Because I had nothing to do at the moment and my boss would like to see it, if we’re talking to guests, I went over to her again.

“Isn’t there much to do today?”, she asked me.

“No, not really, unfortunately…”

“Isn’t it nice, if there is time for talking with guests?”

“Yey right, but… aah, it’s not so important… By the way, I’m Helen!”

“I’m Cat and what’s up with you?”

“Well I wanted to be on a concert tonight, in Coblenz, but I had to work, so…”

I replied.

“Is the concert on the Castle Square, where at this moment a blonde singer wiggles his ass?”

She asked me grinning.

I had to grin, too and nodded.

“On that concert I also wanted to be?”

My opposite sighed.

I looked at her astonished.

“You are also a Bon Jovi fan?”
She nodded proudly.

“So I’d like to say that we got a common topic to talk about. But why aren’t you on the concert?”

“I had to work, too”

“It’s a pity. But the band is here in the hotel”

I told her.

“So, you had seen the 4 nice Jersey-guys, right?”

I had to say no.

“Unfortunately not. Everyone thinks that it’s easy to meet them if you are employee in such an hotel, but it isn’t!”

“Oh, it’s a pity!”

Cat said.

We talked still a while about the music of Bon Jovi and we also swarmed.

Over this we forgot the time, until my boss came and gave me a push.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chapter 1

I went the way along the little pebble way with a lowered view.

The man besides me was completely dressed in black and wore a pair of sunglasses.

He held my hand and I could feel that he was trembling.

The way was hard for both of us.

At the gate of the church we already saw some people standing there.

Arriving at the gate, I looked at them.

One of them had blonde curls, the other one had black hair and the third one had also blonde hair and fascinating blue eyes, but everyone was dressed in black.

It was the day, I should see the bandmates of the man at my side again after a long time.

I had looked forward to that vermy much, because we wanted to to this alrealdy for a long time.

But there could have been a better time and also better circumstances.

The man nex to me was a guitarist in a for as well as 25 years successful band.

It’s Richie Sambora from the band Bon Jovi, on whose site I am lucky for some time.

He put off his sunglasses and put them into his coat bag.

His eye rings appeared, his eyes had lost any gleam and his tiredness could be seen clearly.

Richie put his arm around me and said:

“Boys, you still known her…”

He pointed at me.


I tried to smile and nodded.

As I wanted to shake hands with Jon, he shook his head.

Instead of that he came to me and hugged me tightly.


He whispered.

I saw into his eyes and asked:

“For what?”

“For beeing there for Richie!”

Tico and David gave me also a small hug and I went over to Richie again, to put my arm around his hips.

He buried his face at my neck and I could feel how his shoulders started to tremble.

I comforted him as well as possible and the three other guys stood there silently.

When Richie had calmed down again, he looked me into the eyes and painted easily over my cheek.

“Thank you my angel. Thank you for beeing there for me and beeing at my sind in this hard time. I love ya!”

“I love ya too, Richie”

I replied and reached for his hand.

On the other side I linked arms with Jon.

We strolled in direction of the churchentrance, all with lowered view and without a word to say.


May 2006:

For hours I was standing behind the hotel bar, for me there was nothing to do today, most of the guest were out or on the concert in Coblenz.

The concert, on this I also wanted to be.

But my boss gave me the evening shift for this day.

“Hey, it’s hard but you can’t change it anymore. And who knows, maybe the guys came into this hotelbar after the concert, if you’re lucky”.

My colleague Sandrine tried to cheer me up.

“You do not really think that. They will go onto the After-Show-Party here in our conference room and I’m standing here behind this f****** bar.”

I replied and polished the glasses.

One glass broke inside my hand and I felt the pain, when I cut myself.

“Holy shit!”

It slipped out of me a little louder.

Sandrine turned to me and looked at me frightened.

“What happened?”

“Something has to happen if I get so upset, because of such a small thing”.

I replied hackled up and catched for a towel to put it around my finger.

Sandrine opened the drawer and snatched at a bandage and a scissor.

“Let me take a look sweety!”

She said soothing and took away the towel.

She was very careful when she put the bandage around my finger.